Quantum Nicosia Marathon

Out of Love

The idea of the Nicosia Marathon was not conceived in a board room, but among friends who each shared their own path and all together the same path, the same passion for great endurance and the same love for their city, Nicosia.
Therefore, the devotion to the sport, the city and what these represent, is the driving force for our every choice, our every action.
I thank my fellow travelers who all together add the Marathon of the capital Nicosia, to the running, social and cultural experiences of the World Marathon Movement!

Nasos Ktorides

Marathon Runner.

Friendship is a Marathon!

No other sport simulates life itself with such brilliant and wonderful fidelity as the Marathon.
Besides, the Marathon did not first manifest itself in a stadium but in the paths and the roads of everyday life.
Its real founder did not spend a few easy drops of sweat in a short outburst. He pushed the limits of his endurance over and over again and overcame one of his personal fears after another. He laid down his own life, not seeking personal fame but in the service of the many. For friends, acquaintances and strangers, who needed to receive optimism.
The feat of the first Marathon Runner is worthy of the collective victory of which he was the messenger. The ultimate “Nenikikamen” was the triumph of man when he chose to exercise his right to claim his greatness in any arena of human creation to which he turns his attention.
The Marathon provides meaning that is valuable and important to our society and above all for our children.
It inspires us to believe in ourselves, to dream of challenging and beautiful goals, to nurture our skills and to honestly and passionately give our outmost for as long as we need to achieve them! Even when we believe that our strengths have reached their limit.
But it also invites us to go beyond our whims and care for the person next to us. To invest in important and demanding relationships that withstand time and trials. Relationships that awaken our humanity. Relationships that eliminate competitiveness because they nurture Friendship!

Each of us is a Road

The Road is not predefined, it is not paved, it is not outside us. It is within and it unfolds with each of our choices. We all walk together in life but each of us carries within him his own Road. Then one he chose to go through in his life. We honour the wonderful, unique culture of the one and all of us. This multi-culturalism is what we want to serve and promote.
The Nicosia Marathon is not an isolated event, on the first Sunday of every December. Its a constant source of inspiration for all kinds of runners in life. Recognition of our uniqueness, Faith in our superpowers, Perseverance and Patience in the long-term goal, Harmony with ourselves and the Environment, Generosity and Altruism. These values we want to ​​flourish in the lives of Nicosia and every Nicosia of the world.