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Together we will transform our City into a stadium. Just like any big city in the world that organizes an internationally renowned Marathon. We will welcome, support, cheer, applaud, offer our services and highlight our Nicosia as the most hospitable city. Untimely, we will feel what it is like to care and give and at the same time get the satisfaction that we are part of the biggest celebration of our city, Nicosia!

The Road to Love

“Quantum Nicosia Marathon” is not
just another sport event.
When registering, we also select the
institution we want to support.
What a great opportunity to sustain our humanity!

All funds raised from the registrations of the runners, as well as any other voluntary contributions, will be donated to the following institutions:

“Reach what you cannot.”


“Reach what you cannot.”


Organiser and Exclusive Sponsor


Under the auspices


First Ambassador