Quantum Nicosia Marathon

06 Dec 2012

3rd Quantum Nicosia Marathon – A Source of Joy for … Everyone! It is just the beginning 10/12/2012

The 3rd Quantum Nicosia Marathon has been concluded! Success? Joy … for Everyone?

More than seven thousand runners and as many people accompanying them revealed that the event is the biggest social and sporting festival not only of Nicosia, but of the whole of Cyprus.

The feeling of victory and recognition that was conversed to each person that participated. Everyone received their medal. The effort was recognized. Initiation into “lifelong exercising” has been reinforced.

No accidents in a stadium that has not been built to be a stadium is a blessing, which the children and adult participants, as well as their families, still have as one of the pleasant memories of the event.

The eight hundred plus volunteers who devoted their own personal time without any return further reinforced the movement of volunteerism in Cyprus.

Participants of more than twenty three nationalities who took part in all events became new enthusiastic ambassadors not only for our city but our country as well.

The runners and their companions who came from abroad exclusively to participate in the events of the Nicosia Marathon, are a valuable asset for the integration of Nicosia into the international sporting destinations.

The charitable institutions which will be supported by the revenues of the event receive an important encouragement in their efforts. During a period of time when sources of income are limited.

So, is Nicosia Marathon a success? Grand! It was a joy … for everyone? For the participants and for the benefited city of Nicosia definitely yes! For those fellow citizens who chose to move in and out of the centre of Nicosia, we regret to acknowledge it was not.

Planning and coordination with the Police of Cyprus, concerning traffic arrangements for the day of the event, took several months. The communication of these arrangements through printed and electronic media, during the week preceding the event was intense. The uncomfortable experience our fellow citizens went through shows us that there is space for even better planning.

The Marathon is the toughest sporting event to be organised, as it interferes with the smooth flow of a city. The organisation of a Marathon event requires special education by both the organizers and the relevant bodies of the state as well as the citizens of the city. The Sunday experience shows that we are on track but still at the beginning. What is needed is good will, patience, understanding and above all great love for our city. Our commitment remains. To create a source of joy. For Everyone.

Our city needs the Marathon. Why? The Nicosia Marathon is not the Marathon event only! There are also the shorter distance events as well, like the 10 and 5 kilometres, as well as the 1000 meters. These distances encourage sports and health. Nicosia Marathon is not the day of the event only! It is made up of the training preparation days, but also the after event anticipation of the next event. Hundreds of friends left their couch and flooded the parks. Nicosia Marathon is not for professional athletes only! It is for all the everyday heroes seeking for some official recognition, encouragement for their exercise.

The main purpose of the Athanasios Ktorides Foundation, as the organiser is to provide a significant, enduring source of joy. As much as possible for everyone. It wants to serve the ideal of fair play in every aspect of life. To help spread the “lifelong exercising” in all ages. To incorporate Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, into the family of the world’s megacities that organise prestigious international marathons. To add a major attraction to the Cypriot Capital, that has so much need of international visitors. To enable citizens to see another, more joyful, a more magnificent sight of their city.

To generate revenues and enhance the work of charitable organisations. To promote volunteering as a way of life!

Thousands, of golden memories await for you at www.nicosiamarathon.com.