Quantum Nicosia Marathon

15 Aug 2010

1st International Nicosia Marathon Pride is our prize

Adults, children, families, and even babies in strollers can take part in the Quantum Nicosia Marathon and live a unique experience!

The process is simple! Everyone will receive their own running number for the 1st International Nicosia Marathon and then will be able to run or just walk.

In this great event everyone is winner. All participants will take home a special medal, reminiscent of the Olympic Games and will receive a commemorative participation cerificate.

Feelings of pride will flood every child who takes part in a race.

Runners will leave the event with the memories of a once in a lifetime experience, taking home their runners’ number, the medal, an event jersey and the certificate of participation in the 1st Nicosia Marathon.

All proceeds from the participations will be given to three charitable organizations: the Anti-Cancer Association, the “Make a Wish” Association and to the Association of Nursing Homes of the Nicosia Municipality.

You can register through the website www.nicosiamarathon.com or by calling 22792222.

You can even register on the day of the Marathon event, up to one hour before each route.