Training Advice
Before you Register for the International Nicosia Marathon and Half Marathon

We recommend you visit your doctor once more, and inform him about the training program that you plan to follow in order to participate in a Marathon or Half Marathon event.

We advise all runners, especially those over 35, smokers, former smokers, overweight people, and those with a history of heart disease to undergo a pre-race cardio examination. After the necessary medical examinations, your doctor will provide you with guidelines which are specifically tailored to your needs, which you should follow closely.

Train Steadily and Consistently
After the approval from your doctor, it is very important not to overexert your training and follow very hard training programs. Training should be increased gradually, in order to reduce the risk of experiencing severe pains and exhaustion. Try to follow a transitional and variable workout, to avoid injuries, which will hold back your training program.

Keep Up Your Training
A good start is the best and most effective way to build a good physical condition. Join other runners in your area and share with them your training program, your progress and your goals, especially on cold mornings or in the afternoons or on days with bad weather conditions.

Identify your goals
Whatever your experience of running in a public road event, set goals and objectives to yourself, train in this exact direction by giving motivation and sense to your training program. Setting up the exact details of each individual goal will help you identify the quantity and quality of the training you will need to follow, to reach your targets and taste the joy of someone reaching his goals.

Set short-term goals
If the international Nicosia Marathon & Half Marathon event is your ultimate racing goal, then it should not be your first race. Get ready and run in smaller events in order to maintain a good condition, while in the meantime you can manage your progress.

Build Friendships with Other Marathon Runners
Do you train by yourself! Find other runners who are preparing to run a marathon or join a team of marathon runners in your area. This way you will be able to encourage each other, help each other set training goals and most importantly you will have the chance to benefit from the support network in which you are a member.

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