Applications & Registration Procedure
Registrations for the event should be made until Saturday, 8th of December, 2012.

For the 5km Road Race, late registrations will be accepted for everyone who did not manage to submit their entries before the aforementioned deadline on the day of the event, at the race start area, (Famagusta Gate Trench), from 08:30 until 9:30.

For the 1000m UNICEF RUN, late registrations will be accepted for everyone who did not manage to submit their entries before the aforementioned deadline, on the day of the event, at the race start area, (Salaminos Street, at Kolokasis opening), from 09:00 until 11:00.

ATTENTION: Registrations for the Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10km Road Race, will be closed on the day of the event.


Registration Options
Applicants can register using one of the following options:

a. On-line registration

b. Complete the race application form and send it to one of the following fax numbers:
+357 22 776387
+357 22 776830

c. Submit the application form in person to one of the following registration centres:

  • At Nicosia Municipality, Youth and Sports Committee, tel. +357 22797001
  • At the offices of Athasios Ktorides Foundation, 25 Philippou Str, 2363 Agios Dometios, Nicosia (tel. +357 22792222 or +357 22792200)
Registration Categories
Registrations are divided into the following categories:

a. Individual registrations; registrations that are made from individual runners, and

b. Group Entry registrations, for group registrations of teams comprised of more than 10 runners.

Group Registrations concern the registration of a group of at least 10 runners who will participate in the same event (e.g. Half Marathon). Registration of a group involving team members who wish to take part in different races (e.g. at the 10km and 5 km), will not be accepted and will not be registered in the registration system. Group registration concerns sport clubs, runners clubs, fitness centres, companies, schools, private and public organisations, travel agencies as well as groups of people that wish to participate as a team in the same event.

During a Group registration, the team is required to assign a Team leader, who will have the right to participate in the event as a runner, but could also be assigned as a Team leader with the choice not to participate in the event. In any case, the Team leaders will be responsible to represent their groups in various matters during their communication with the event organisers.

For information concerning Group Entries you may contact Ms. Filia Kaourma on tel. +357 22792222 and Ms. Sofia Petrou on tel. +357 22792200.

c. Registrations for the 1000m “UNICEF” Charity Run
Registration for the 1000m “UNICEF” Charity Run is compulsory even the participation is free (students - pupils). With the donation of €5, participants will receive the t-shirt and cap of this year’s event. The contribution of any additional amount is voluntary. The entire amount collected will be donated to UNICEF.


Location: Famagusta Gate.
Opening Dates and Hours: Friday 07.12.12 and Saturday 08.12.12 from 09:00 to 20:00.

All participants are required to collect exclusively from the Registration Centre their participation number (BIB Number), their timing chip (applies only for the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km events), as well as the rest of the event’s material.


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