Marathon Race (42.195m)

Start Time: 08:00
Start: From Famagusta Gate, on Nikiforos Fokas street.

The Marathon route is made up of 2 rounds (2 loops) of the Half Marathon route.

After the start of the race, the athletes follow Nikiforos Fokas street and enter Archbishop Makarios II Square. The race continues with a left turn into Evgenias and Antoniou Theodotou Street, bears right into Stasinou Avenue and passes from the 1st kilometre mark through Omirou Avenue, towards Solomou Square, bears left into Leonidou Street and continues straight along Makariou III Avenue, pass from the 2nd kilometre heading towards the Lycavitos Police junction, bears right into Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, pass from the 3rd kilometre and continue straight through Griva Digeni Avenue with a right turn into Vyronos Avenue, where they pass by the 4th kilometre, then at the height of the Greek Embassy runners turn around into the opposite direction and continue straight through Vyronos Avenue, stream past the 5th kilometre and turn right onto Griva Digeni Avenue, bear left into Prodromou street and continue towards the army camp on Prodromou street passing from the 6th kilometre, continue bearing right into Leukonos heading towards Kykkos schools, turn left into Kykladon, continue through Eleonon and pass consecutively past the 7th and 8th kilometre while heading towards the Patriarch Petros Z’ park area.

The race continues with a right turn into Costaki Ombasi Street, while athletes pass past the 9th, 10th and 11th kilometre marks, run circularly through the Agios Gennadios, Patriarch Petros Z’, Agiou Meletiou, Alexandrou Papagou, Ellinon and through Costaki Ombasi, bearing right into Eleonon run past the 12th kilometre, while at the height of Estiades they turn around.

Continuing on the opposite direction through Eleonon, Kykladon, Lefkonos, Prodromou, Griva Digeni, Spyrou Kyprianou and Digeni Akrita, athletes run past the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18thkilometre marks, heading towards the Agios Antonios Market, bear left into Evgenias and Antoniou Theodotou street, pass the 19th kilometre, turn right into Salaminos, up to the junction with Solonos Michaelidi, where they turn right, and pass from the 20th kilometre in Agiou Andreou, turn left towards the church of Panagia Evaggelistria, continue along Pouliou Kapota street, pass in front of the Melina Merkouri Foundation, bear left through Nikiforos Fokas Street and continue up to the 21st kilometre, several meters before Famagusta Gate completing the first of the two loops of the Marathon Race. The athletes repeat another loop of the route described above and finish in front of Famagusta Gate.

Athletes willing to take part in the marathon race must be over 18 years of age on the day of the competition.


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