The City of Nicosia

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and the last divided capital of Europe. The city combines the old with the new, in a busy modern cosmopolitan administrative and business centre and a culture of centuries. In this beautiful city, visitors have the chance to see churches with brilliant and elaborate decorations and some of the most important museums and art galleries of the island.

The centre of Nicosia is surrounded by the 16th century Venetian defensive walls, with a trench and heart shaped bastions. The well preserved, divided part of Nicosia within walls is a jewel in the Middle East, and a fine example of medieval architecture, with strong influences of Byzantine, Gothic, Venetian, Ottoman and even British colonialist architecture.

The new city of Nicosia extends outside the walls into a modern European centre with tall buildings, offices, shops and outdoor cafes, reaching to suburban residential areas.

Some of the primary points of interest in Nicosia is the Cyprus museum, which exhibits the largest collection of archaeological artefacts in the island, and the Leventis museum, which displays the city’s history.

Useful Information

Based on the 2007 census, the population of Nicosia is approximately 310,900

Official Language
Greek and Turkish are the official languages of Cyprus. Greek is used primarily by the Greek-Cypriot community and the Turkish by the Turkish-Cypriot community. English is widely used. French and German language is also used, especially within the tourist industry.

Cyprus pound was the national currency of Cyprus until December 2007, after which it has been replaced by the Euro in 2008.

Cyprus telephone code is +357, and Nicosia district telephone code is 22.

The average daily temperature for the month of December in Nicosia is around 12oC. The maximum average temperature is approximately 17oC, while the minimum average temperature is approximately 7oC.

The average relative humidity value in Nicosia at 08:00 in the morning is around 86%. At noon, specifically at 13:00, the average relative humidity value drops to its lowest levels, and is roughly around 59%.

For additional information about weather of Nicosia, click here.

Nationals of all countries need an entry visa except nationals of Member States of the European Union countries.

The electrical current in Cyprus is 240 Volts, AC 50 Hz. Plugs are usually 13 amps, and square in most buildings.

Time Zone
Cyprus is located in the Eastern European time zone (UTC+2), which means 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0). It is 1 hour ahead of Central European countries (UTC+1), and 7 hours ahead of New York.

Credit Cards
All known credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as traveler cheques in Euro are recognized and accepted in most hotels, shops, travel offices, car rental agencies, as well as restaurants.

Useful telephone numbers and information
Deputy Ministry of Tourism Offices
Central offices: +357 22 691100

Tourist information – Nicosia
11, Aristokiprou Str., Laiki Geitonia: +357 22 674264

Nicosia Police Headquarters: +357 22 802020

Emergency Medical Services
Emergency (Police, Fire Service, First Aid 112 or 199)
Nicosia General Hospital +357 22 801400
Makario Hospital +357 22 405000
Doctors on Call in Nicosia 90901422
Nicosia After Hours Pharmacies 90901402
Poison control centre 1401

Larnaka 77778833
Paphos 77778833

How to get to Nicosia – Travel information

From Larnaca Airport:
– Rent a taxi to Nicosia (about €60) or
– Rent a seat in a service taxi to Nicosia (about €11).

From Paphos Airport:
– Rent a taxi to Nicosia (about €120) or
– Rent a taxi to the centre of Paphos (about €11), and rent a seat in a service taxi to Nicosia (about €24).

From Limassol Port:
– Rent a taxi to Nicosia, (about €85) or.
– Rent a taxi to the centre of Limassol (about €11), and rent a seat in a service taxi to Nicosia (about €11)

Nicosia Bus Services
Nicosia has an organised network of Urban Buses managed by the Nicosia Bus Company (OSEL). All the bus routes start at the Solomos Square terminal in the centre of the city and cover all the areas of the city. Buses run every 20 to 30 minutes depending on their destination while on weekends they run less frequently. For more information as well as for the current fares you can call the Nicosia Bus Company at 7777 7755 or visit .

In addition, Nicosia Municipality runs its own buses, the well-known Yellow Buses that cover the city within the walls. There is no fare charge for these routes.

TAXI Services
There are many taxi companies in Nicosia. In order to take a taxi you have to call one of the taxi companies. The taxi will come pick you up from where you are located. Besides the taxi companies, there are independent taxi drivers at Eleftheria Square (City Centre) where you can find taxis twenty-four hours a day. Taxi fares are regulated by law and taxi drivers are obligated to use a taximeter.