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7.7km race «Quantum Nicosia Marathon» held at Athalassa Park 03/12/2018
In honour of Cypriot marathon runner Stylianos Kyriakides who won in Boston in 1946

NICOSIA, December 12, 2018 –The race held in Athalassa Park on Sunday, December 2, and organised by the Athanasios Ktorides Foundation under the auspices of

All ready for the Quantum Nicosia Marathon at Athalassa Park 15/11/2018
7.7km race in honour of Cypriot Marathon runner who won in Boston 1946.

NICOSIA, 15 November, 2018 – The Athanasios Ktorides Foundation is moving ahead with the organisation of the Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2018 which will take place this

3rd Quantum Nicosia Marathon - A Source of Joy for … Everyone! It is just the beginning 10/12/2012
The 3rd Quantum Nicosia Marathon has been concluded! Success? Joy ... for Everyone?

More than seven thousand runners and as many people accompanying them revealed that the event is the biggest social and sporting festival not only of Nicosia, but

Presentation of the book "Dromou Dromena' by Costas Patinios 05/12/2012
"Athanasios Ktoridis" Foundation presented, as part of the 3rd Quantum Nicosia Marathon, during a very successful evening event which was held at Famagusta Gate, the book by Costas Patinios "Dromou Dromena»
The book is made up of small

Nicosia gets ready for 2nd Quantum Nicosia Marathon in October 06/06/2011
Preparations are already underway as Nicosia gears up to organise the Second Quantum Nicosia Marathon on October 9 with the organizers differentiating the various routs in order to meet the international marathon standards. The event will be

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The Marathon Flame for the first time in Cyprus! - Press Release 06/12/2012
Today at noon, Thursday, 6th of December, 2012, the Flame of the Marathon arrived for the first time to Cyprus, from the country that gave birth to it.

The Flame was escorted from Greece by the vice-mayor of Marathon, Mr. Christos Stamos, and the

3rd Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2012 - Celebrating Nicosia - the final countdown - Press Release 19/10/2012
The 3rd Quantum Nicosia Marathon will take place on December 9, with the unprecedented arrival of the Marathon flame to the island. The marathon organizers warmly invite everyone to this ‘Grand Celebration of the historic city of Nicosia’, coupled