Quantum Nicosia Marathon

20 Nov 2012

Nasos Ktorides takes the Marathon Flame to Antarctica

NICOSIA, November 20, 2012 The South Pole — the seventh continent — is the newest destination in the Marathon Flame’s worldwide journey.

The SEGAS Board of Directors has approved a request by the Antarctic Ice Marathon Organizing Committee to host and honor the Marathon Flame during the 7th Southernmost Marathon which will take place on November 20.

Nasos Ktorides, a marathon runner and UNICEF’s first Cypriot Goodwill Ambassador, will carry the Flame to this edge of our planet on behalf of SEGAS. “The more the Flame travels to the ends of the world, the more light will be shed on humanity’s hopes of overcoming selfishness and pettiness and help it fight with ethos for positive, daring and impossible dreams” said Mr. Ktorides, who is now preparing for this race; he already carries with him the experience gained during the North Pole Marathon which took place last April.

The race represents a herculean and authentic Antarctic challenge for the few runners who dare to defy roads made of snow and ice, temperatures going as low as -20 degrees Centigrade, altitudes of 700 meters and the possibility of strong, katabatic winds. The Antarctic Marathon is the only marathon taking place in inland Antarctica.

For more information on the Antarctic Marathon, please visit www.icemarathon.com.