Quantum Nicosia Marathon

11 Oct 2010

2500 years later… 1st International Nicosia Marathon

10/10/10 Quantum Nicosia Marathon 

The great success of the 1st Marathon strengthens the will and the social responsibility. The unprecedented sporting event turned into a huge event of friendship, love and solidarity.

All, the runners and 5,000 spectators, had a pleasant and safe experience.
The participants in the Half Marathon route were 495, in the 4.6 km route 2,542 participations and in the social offer route of 1000 meters 2143 participations. The youngest runner, he noted, was… 7 months old and the most prosperous was 93 years old. Also pleasant surprise entries from more than 10 countries: Cyprus, Greece, England, Argentina, Russia, Slovakia, China, Romania and African countries.

It was a conscious choice, not to seek to attract famous stars of the International Marathon Movement. On the contrary, Quantum Nicosia Marathon claimed the participation of the people of Cyprus as much as possible, in order to lay a solid foundation for the creation of a Marathon movement that extends far beyond the event of the Marathon.