Quantum Nicosia Marathon

01 Sep 2010

Runners take over the streets of Nicosia on 10/10/10

Nicosia’s streets of Nicosia will belong to runners, on the morning of October 10.

In addition to the Marathon and the Half Marathon, which are strictly for trained runners, there are two more easier routes in which each of us can take part.

For those who prefer shorter distances, the event offers a healthy stroll of 4.6 km in the city centre, and an even more pleasant route stretching to one km.

All proceeds from the participations will be given to three charitable organizations: the Anti-Cancer Association, the “Make a Wish” Association and to the Association of Nursing Homes of the Nicosia Municipality.

You can register through the website www.nicosiamarathon.com or by calling 22792222.

You can even register on the day of the Marathon event, up to one hour before each route.