Quantum Nicosia Marathon

07 Jul 2010

World Legend Yiannis Kouros will be at the Quantum Nicosia Marathon

The world long distance legend, Yiannis Kouros will be at the Quantum Nicosia Marathon, the 1st International Nicosia Marathon!

The ultramarathoner, was born in 1956 and started running at the age of sixteen. To date, he has broken at least 134 world records.

Kouros has said that he runs transcendental, defying nature and hardships. The effort he emphasizes, of a marathon runner is mainly cerebral. His struggle is a transcendence of the body and is completed by activating the experiences through his spiritual powers.

The secret to his success, as Kouros confesses, is his ability to transcend his limits.

The sport’s philosophy, he points out, lies in the temperament of the ultrarunner to overcome pain and fatigue with mental clarity, alertness and denaturation.

Yiannis Kouros expresses the belief that the Marathon promotes in the eyes of the youth the values of effort, courage, perseverance and fighting spirit, when faced with the adversities of life.

Will power, he concludes, can overcome all obstacles when all the physical and spiritual strengths are summoned.

All proceeds from the participations will be given to three charitable organizations: the Anti-Cancer Association, the “Make a Wish” Association and to the Association of Nursing Homes of the Nicosia Municipality.

You can register through the website www.nicosiamarathon.com or by calling 22792222.

You can even register on the day of the Marathon event, up to one hour before each route.